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Upcoming Trainings

Starting Leadership

Accompany the entry into your new leadership role with a training on the essentials of leadership.

2 days | Leadership Level 1

Advanced Leadership

For experienced leaders who want to challenge their leadership style and get more strategic.

2 days | Leadership Level 2

Communication & Feedback

Learn and practice tools to give feedback the right way and to develop your team.

2 days | All Levels

Conflict Management

Understand what happens in conflict situations and learn techniques to master difficult conversations with your team, colleagues or clients.

2 days | All Levels

Me, My Team & AI

A one-day Masterclass to learn how to integrate AI tools into your team’s workflows.

1 day | All Levels

Convince your Boss

Present yourself & your ideas upwards in order to be heard, understood, and supported.

1 day | All Levels

Intercultural Collaboration

This training is the perfect opportunity for leaders and teams eager to move beyond intuitive guesses in intercultural interactions.

1 day | All Levels

Motivating Teams

Gain a systematic, research-based understanding of the building blocks of motivation and how they relate to different kinds of performance.

1 day | All Levels

Lead confident teams

Learn how to make sure your people can speak their minds, stick their necks out, bring in ideas, questions or concerns.

1 day | All Levels

Starting Sales

Accompany the entry into your new sales role with a training on the essentials of sales.

2 days | Sales Level 1

Leader as a Coach

A good leader is like a coach – empowers a process where people can thrive.

1 day | All Levels

Change Management

This training equips professionals and leaders with the essential skills to navigate change effectively.

1 day | All Levels

Stress Management & Resilience

Find stability for yourself and in interactions with others. Understand your drivers and pitfalls. Stop procrastination and reduce stress.

1 day | All Levels

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We love what we do

At crispy we love what we do. That’s why all of our trainings follow
our crispy guiding principles

Solid Approach

We only work with sound, up-to-date methods


We make sure not to stay only on the theoretical side

Coaching & Feedback

We integrate feedback within and after our trainings

Make your training
a whole journey

All our trainings are bookable as individual formats or can be combined with Coachings and Masterclasses. Choose the topics most relevant to you and customize your training journey. All modules can be booked in combination with each other or individually – no matter in which order. You will receive your personal leadership certificate when you book 1 Core Module + 2 Masterclasses + Individual Coaching Format.

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In-house Trainings & Workshops

Did you know? You can book all of our trainings exclusively for your team. We’ll deliver a tailor-made format at your premises or online.

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In-house Trainings & Workshops

Did you know? You can book all of our trainings exclusively for your team. We’ll deliver a tailor-made format at your premises or online.

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Global Experience

At crispy, we love designing learning experiences for high potentials and leaders. Thanks to our experience with global leaders, we can help you develop yourself and your staff with strategies stemming from a truly international perspective.

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Meet your Coaches

crispy coaching is a training and coaching company for international leaders and teams.
People are at the center of everything we do.
We are crispy — we look for freshness in thoughts and appeal to the senses.

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