Intercultural Collaboration

This training is the perfect opportunity for leaders and teams eager to move beyond intuitive guesses in intercultural interactions towards a structured, scientifically supported understanding of cultural dynamics.

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Navigating the complexities of intercultural collaboration is a crucial skill for leaders and teams in our globalised world. How can we excel in this area?
Join us for a day dedicated to the exploration of intercultural collaboration’s core principles. By employing contemporary, evidence-based, and actionable frameworks, we’ll collaboratively build a deep understanding of the potential challenges and enrichments cultural differences bring to the workplace, and what actionable steps you can take to foster a genuinely collaborative and inclusive international environment



Identify cultural biases and assumptions that influence your decisions and interactions.


Understand the impact of cultural dimensions on teamwork, communication styles, and conflict resolution strategies.


Develop the skills needed to foster an inclusive, culturally aware and interculturally effective workplace culture.

Training Topics

  • Explore the nuances between direct and indirect communication styles and their implications for multicultural teams.
  • Discover strategies for bridging communication gaps in a diverse team setting.
  • Examine how concepts of hierarchy and equality vary across cultures and their impact on organisational dynamics.
  • Learn how to adapt your leadership approach to accommodate cultural differences and promote inclusiveness.
  • Understand the differences between consensus-based and top-down decision-making processes in various cultural contexts.
  • Master the art of building trust and understanding across cultural divides.
  • Techniques for navigating conflicts in a multicultural environment effectively.
  • Best practices for encouraging collaboration and making the most of cultural diversity within teams.
  • The significance of linear versus flexible time orientations in project management and meeting planning.
  • Techniques for creating time management practices that accommodate diverse cultural perspectives on deadlines and punctuality.
  • Best practices for assembling and managing teams composed of members from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Techniques for leveraging cultural diversity to enhance creativity, innovation, and problem-solving within teams

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Our Method

Our “Intercultural Collaboration” Training enables a sustainable learning experience through these training and coaching elements:

  • A comprehensive one-day training session.
  • Utilisation of scientifically validated frameworks to decode cultural dynamics.
  • Interactive activities designed to enhance your team’s cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Practical strategies to improve intercultural communication and collaboration.
  • A detailed workbook and resource compilation for ongoing reference.
  • Participation in a supportive, small-group environment

Meet Your Trainer

Svenja Haus

Partner. Executive Coach. Trainer.

Key Topics: Systemic Coaching & Mindfulness.

Svenja will help you discover what you are capable of.
After studying psychology, she worked in talent management and executive coaching at an international media corporation, gaining insights into corporate structures and the challenges of digitalisation. During her time at Kienbaum Management Consulting, she refined her business coaching and training skills and discovered her passion for product development.

Most recently, she was a founding member and Head of Coaching at CoachHub, where she was responsible for product innovation, learning experience and client consulting. At crispycoaching, Svenja Haus trains and coaches leaders to use coaching tools to broaden their perspective and thereby achieve an authentic and positive leadership style.

Felix Krahé

Partner. Lead Concept Development. Trainer.

Key Topics: Conflict Management, Diagnostics, Teal Organisations

Felix will enable you to create and shape an environment that fulfills you, your team and your organisation.

Felix has spent his entire academic career abroad before returning to his native Germany. Combining psychological know-how and a background in economics, he has worked both in start-ups and in consulting, always focusing on the interaction between people and business – and trying to add to the success of both.

Intercultural Collaboration

Training Details

Investment: 650 EUR +VAT per person
(490,- € + VAT if booked with one of our 2-day trainings)
The price covers 1 training day, participant documentation, lunch, organic snacks and drinks

Number of participants: Maximum 15
Trainer: Felix Krahé
Language: English
Live trainings take place in our beautiful coaching loft, the “CrispyLoft”
Chausseestraße 116
10115 Berlin (Mitte)

Intercultural Collaboration

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Book “Intercultural Collaboration” now!

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