Advanced Leadership

This training is aimed at experienced leaders who want to sharpen their leadership skills and challenge their managerial style. The focus shifts from operational leadership directly with the team to guiding other managers, addressing the stretch in sandwich positions as well as the strategic orientation of one’s own department.

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Do you feel trapped in well-practiced leadership habits? Would you like to challenge your established leadership style and values? Start experimenting with new approaches and behaviours and position your department strategically and grow even further as a leader.



Question yourself critically and consider how you can sharpen your leadership skills


Learn the latest leadership approaches and methods and benefit from external feedback


Experiment with new techniques and behaviors and stay on top of mind

Training Topics

  • reflect on your personal leadership style and question long established ways of behaviour
  • what are the values that have shaped your leadership to date and how have they changed in recent years?
  • gain clarity about things that are truly important to you and develop a leadership vision for the future
  • learn to lead from the future while being mindful of today
  • challenge directly and care personally – how to give feedback effectively
  • empower self-organised teams and understanding the basics of holocracy
  • Identify and analyse the personality of your key stakeholder and plan strategic points of interaction
  • Learn to identify and deal with political agendas while staying true to yourself
  • Managing leaders is far more challenging than young employees for example
  • reflect on the needs and challenges of your employees and learn how they can benefit from your knowledge and skills as an experienced leader
  • Take a step back to plan the strategic direction of your division and create meaningful goals from the company’s vision
  • Develop a future vision of how you want your division to be positioned in the future and what you want it to be known for in the company and beyond
  • Become aware of your team culture and reflect on it in the light of the corporate culture
  • Learn how to consciously shape and change your team culture through your leadership practice
  • Understand how a healthy team culture can lead to more success and satisfaction and what you can do for it

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Our Method

“Advanced Leadership” enables a sustainable learning experience through these training and coaching elements:

  • Two training days and individual proactive telephone coaching
  • Dynamic simulation settings with high focus on practicability & transfer
  • Models and theories based on newest research and science
  • Hands on exercises for you and your team
  • Reflection and discussion
  • Workbook & documentation
  • Exchange in a small, trusting group
  • Did we mention Feedback? Feedback!

Join us and learn many practical and easy-to-use methods. The hard part, of course, is putting what you’ve learned into practice, but we’ll prepare you for that too.

Meet Your Trainer

Svenja Haus

Partner. Executive Coach. Trainer.

Key Topics: Systemic Coaching & Mindfulness.

Svenja will help you discover what you are capable of.
After studying psychology, she worked in talent management and executive coaching at an international media corporation, gaining insights into corporate structures and the challenges of digitalisation. During her time at Kienbaum Management Consulting, she refined her business coaching and training skills and discovered her passion for product development.

Most recently, she was a founding member and Head of Coaching at CoachHub, where she was responsible for product innovation, learning experience and client consulting. At crispycoaching, Svenja Haus trains and coaches leaders to use coaching tools to broaden their perspective and thereby achieve an authentic and positive leadership style.

Advanced Leadership

Training Details

Investment: 1450 EUR +VAT per person
The price covers 2 training days, participant documentation, lunches, organic snacks and drinks.

Number of participants: Maximum 14
Trainer: Svenja Haus
Language: English in Berlin and German in Köln
Location Berlin: Trainings take place in our beautiful coaching loft
Chausseestraße 116
10115 Berlin (Mitte)

Location Köln: Trainings take place in our beautiful coaching loft
Große Brinkgasse 2b
50672 Köln

Advanced Leadership

Upcoming Dates

11./12.07.2024 BERLIN in English

11./12.09.2024 KÖLN in German

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Book “Advanced Leadership” now!

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your free 30-minutes consultation.

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