Motivating Teams

This training is perfect for leaders who want to go beyond a “gut-feeling-based” approach to motivation – towards a systematic and scientifically founded understanding of motivation.

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Motivating others is a key challenge for any leader. We will spend one day looking at the building blocks of motivation. By using the most up-to-date, and empirically-tested practical models, we will develop a clear understanding of how motivation can make or break us and what you as a leader can do about it.


Know your what adds to and harms your own motivation


Understand how motivation affects performance and what you as a leader can and cannot influence


Become able to purposefully create a motivating culture in your area of influence

Training Topics

Understand the difference between intrinsic/direct and extrinsic/indirect motivation

  • Different tasks require different kinds of performance
  • Depending on motivation, you will get both kinds of performance, only one or neither
  • We tend to look for reasons for bad performance in people, instead of their context
  • That can make us look in the wrong places when we want to motivate others
  • Setting goals with an eye on motivation and not just deliverables
  • Shaping roles and positions so that they are inherently motivating
  • Looking at bonuses, feedback conversations and performance management systems and how they influence motivation

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Our Method

Our “Motivation” Training enables a sustainable learning experience through these training and coaching elements:

  • One training day
  • Models and theories based on literature, experience, neuroscience and practicability
  • Take-home exercises for you and your team
  • Reflection and discussion
  • Simulations and case studies
  • Workbook & documentation
  • Exchange in a small, trusting group

Meet Your Trainer

Felix Krahé

Partner. Lead Concept Development. Trainer.

Key Topics: Conflict Management, Diagnostics, Motivation, Teal Organisations

Felix will enable you to create and shape an environment that fulfills you, your team and your organisation.

Felix has spent his entire academic career abroad before returning to his native Germany. Combining psychological know-how and a background in economics, he has worked both in start-ups and in consulting, always focusing on the interaction between people and business – and trying to add to the success of both.

Motivating Teams

Training Details

Investment: 650 EUR +VAT per person
(490,- € + VAT if booked together with one of our 2-day trainings)
The price covers 1 training day, participant documentation, lunch, organic snacks and drinks

Number of participants: Maximum 15
Trainer: Eva Resch
Language: English or in German
Location: Live trainings take place in our beautiful coaching loft, the “Zukunfts-LAB”
Chausseestraße 116
10115 Berlin (Mitte)

Motivating Teams

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