Communication and Feedback

This training is aimed both at individual contributors who want to improve their communication and at people with leadership responsibility who want to improve their skills, especially in conversational situations.

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Are you tired of outdated communication theories and models? In theory it all sounds reasonable and at the same time you can’t express what you actually want to say and admire others for their rhetorical skills? Learn how to express yourself in a pointed and positive way to achieve what you really want.


On your own communication patterns, both verbal and non-verbal, by getting feedback (both verbal and video)


To better communicate and how to keep improving after the training


Try, try and try some more. Plenty of exercises and practice, because change takes time and effort

Training Topics

  • Negative language tends to create resistance in ourselves and others
  • Reframing our communication in positive language helps build commitment and good-will, and makes others more receptive to what we are saying
  • How often do we ask questions we don’t even want answered? Or we thinkwe know the answer to? How often should we have asked a question but didn’t bother or think of doing so?
  • Asking the right questions is what separates a monologue from a conversation and enables us to understand what the other person cares about, is thinking or feeling.
  • Based on the model by Marshal C. Rosenberg
  • Learn to express critical topics in a way that does not immediately cause a defensive reaction in the other party
  • Differentiate between feelings and the underlying needs
  • Striking the balance between clarity and empathy is difficult, and most of us tend to prefer one or the other
  • But expressing one without the other either means you are perceived as pretty harsh (clarity without empathy) or very nice but ineffectual (empathy without clarity)
  • Learn to combine both aspects in your communication through practice and clear, but obviously empathic, feedback
  • Understanding the psychological mechanisms at play during conversations
  • Learn how and why conversations can go off the rails even when neither party wants that to happen
  • Non-verbal communication or body language can help us reinforce our message – or take away from it
  • It also tends to be something we cannot see in ourselves very well and that we don’t get a lot of feedback on – we want to change that!
  • Storytelling is as old as humanity itself. It allows us to bring across emotions, complex ideas, motivation or a vision for the future much more powerfully than just saying “This is the idea”
  • To help you become a better story teller, we will look at the main characteristics of effective storytelling and help you develop stories of your own about something you care about

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Our Method

Our “Communication & Feedback” Training enables a sustainable learning experience through these training and coaching elements:

  • Two training days
  • Models and theories based on literature, experience, neuroscience and practicability
  • Take-home exercises for you and your team
  • Reflection and discussion
  • Simulations and case studies
  • Workbook & documentation
  • Exchange in a small, trusting group

Meet Your Trainer

Felix Krahé

Partner. Lead Concept Development. Trainer.

Key Topics: Conflict Management, Diagnostics, Teal Organisations

Felix will enable you to create and shape an environment that fulfills you, your team and your organisation.

Felix has spent his entire academic career abroad before returning to his native Germany. Combining psychological know-how and a background in economics, he has worked both in start-ups and in consulting, always focusing on the interaction between people and business – and trying to add to the success of both.

Communication and Feedback

Training Details

Investment: 980 EUR +VAT per person
The price covers 2 training days, participant documentation, lunches, organic snacks and drinks

Number of participants: Maximum 15
Trainer: Felix Krahé, Svenja Haus
Language: English in Berlin and German in Köln
Location Berlin: Trainings take place in our beautiful coaching loft
Chausseestraße 116
10115 Berlin (Mitte)

Location Köln: Trainings take place in our beautiful coaching loft
Große Brinkgasse 2b
50672 Köln

Communication and Feedback

Upcoming Dates

28./29.05.2024 KÖLN in German *Fully booked!*

16./17.09.2024 BERLIN in English

18.09./19.09 KÖLN in German

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