Starting Sales

Are you in a sales role? What essential competencies and skills do you need to build? Gain security in your role by learning applicable tools for up to date sales tasks and challenges! This training is aimed at anyone who needs to start selling: sales reps, new entrepreneurs, individual contributors.

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Accompany the entry into your new sales role with a training on the essentials of sales. The training is suitable for newcomers and sales employees with up to 3 years of sales experience from companies with a focus on new business. Contents include the complete sales process from prospect generation to pipeline creation to closing the deal. We will present you the latest methods used by leading digital companies in the field and offer you many opportunities to reflect and practice.


Reflect on your own approach and communication style in sales situations


Practical models to guide your sales and client-facing actions


Practice communication and negotiation skills and take home applicable tools to boost your sales success!

Training Topics

  • Reflect on your role with its responsibilities and challenges
  • Motives, Values and Drivers – why and how do we behave as we do and why this is important for sales success
  • Why is trust so important and how does it connect to your sales results?
  • Learn about psychological mechanisms that help you create a trustful relationship with your clients
  • How to set up an inbound lead process
  • Qualification
  • Question techniques for need definition
  • Opportunity Management Basics
  • How to bring opportunities to success
  • Conducting successful sales conversations
  • Asking the right questions (SPIN Technique by Neil Rackham)
  • Conducting critical conversations and managing conflicts
  • Negotiation
  • How to not annoy your prospects and clients
  • How to survive sales – self- and stress-management

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Our Method

Our “Starting Sales” Training enables a sustainable learning experience through these training and coaching elements:

  • Two training days with two experienced trainers
  • Models and theories based on top business tools, long-year experience and psychology
  • Take-home exercises for you and your team
  • Reflection and discussion
  • Simulations and case studies
  • Exchange in a small, trusting group

Meet Your Trainer

Eva Resch

Founder. Executive Coach. Trainer.

Key Topics: Leadership, Communication, Executive Coaching

Eva will empower you to lead yourself and others to happiness & success.

Having lived in 11 cities, in 7 countries, Eva Resch had the chance to develop a deep understanding of the challenges that modern world citizens face. After having graduated in psychology and human resource management, Eva Resch worked 10 years in management consulting.

Starting Sales

Training Details

Investment: 980 EUR +VAT per person
The price covers 2 training days, participant documentation, lunches, organic snacks and drinks

Number of participants: Maximum 15
Trainer: Eva Resch
Language: English or German
Location: Live trainings take place in our beautiful coaching loft, the “Zukunfts-LAB”
Chausseestraße 116
10115 Berlin (Mitte)

Starting Sales

Upcoming Dates

This training is currently not scheduled, it can be arranged upon request via email. Feel free to reach out to us if you’re interested!

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Book “Starting Sales” now!

Contact us now to sign up for this training, or to book
your free 30-minutes consultation.

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