The podcast about
happiness and success

Eva Resch and Jasmine Werner interview exciting experts to explore the topics of happiness and success at work. Tune into Happy Works and join the search of inspiring ideas for self-development, new work and leadership.

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What would you choose if you would have to decide? Success or Happiness? Or is that the same after all?

How does the business world and the people in them change and what drives them?

In our (german) interview podcast ‘happy works.’, which Eva Resch publishes together with her partner Jasmine Werner, we talk to exciting entrepreneurs, creative minds, proven experts and people who inspire us and others.

Our Interview guests:

Nora-Vanessa Wohlert | Alexander Kluge | Lisa Kleinsorge | Lea Vajnorsky | Svenja Haus | Francisco Villanueva | Marion King | Lars Gaede | Martin Ebeling | Andy Kassier | Jan Teunen | Joyce Binneboese | Yousef Hammoudah | Miriam Junge