Convince Your Boss

Our training for young professionals and emerging leaders who want to become more effective in dealing with their boss, their bosses boss, and other senior leaders in their Organisation. Participants will learn strategies to present themselves and their ideas upwards in order to be heard, understood, and supported.

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Are you a young professional or emerging leader looking to enhance your effectiveness when dealing with senior leaders within your organization? Look no further! Gain the skills and strategies you need to present yourself and your ideas effectively to your superiors, including top management, ensuring your voice is not only heard but understood, supported, and celebrated.



Understand what your managers expect from you and what shapes their perception of your work


How to effectively communicate your ideas, answer questions, and manage follow up actions


Ace your appearance in the board room and learn how to navigate corporate hierarchies successfully.

Training Topics

  • What is the role of Top Management?
  • What are their expectations and constraints?
  • How does the C-Level make decisions and what do they need from you?
  •  What can you get out of the interaction?
  • How can you craft effective messages that are heard?
  • What are best practices for delivery in Email, Memos and Presentations?
  • How can you understand and also ask good questions?
  • How can you give precise and useful answers every time?
  • How to take structured notes and derive actions?
  • How to manage your team from a “sandwiched” position?

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Our Method

 “Convince Your Boss” enables a sustainable learning experience through these training and coaching elements:

  • One training day
  • Tools & best practices based on actual business experience
  • Simulations and case studies
  • Reflection and discussion
  • Exchange in a small, trusting group

Meet Your Trainer

Florian Jodl

Executive Coach

Florian has helped to scale Zalando, one of Berlin‘s startup success stories. He led large teams with hundreds of people, reported to the Zalando CEO, was responsible for billion EUR P&Ls, and was part of countless top-management meetings, budget discussions, and strategy sessions. Before Zalando Florian was a consultant at McKinsey & Co.
Florian is a Crispy Friend & Cooperation Partner and conducts this Training together with our Founder Eva.

Convince Your Boss

Training Details

Investment: 650 EUR +VAT per person
(490,- € + VAT if booked with one of our 2-day trainings)
The price covers 1 training day, participant documentation, lunch, organic snacks and drinks

Number of participants: Maximum 15
Trainer: Florian Jodl & Eva Resch
Language: English
Location: Live trainings take place in our beautiful coaching loft, the “Zukunfts-LAB”
Chausseestraße 116
10115 Berlin (Mitte)

Convince Your Boss

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Book “Convince your Boss” now!

Contact us now to sign up for this training, or to book
your free 30-minutes consultation.

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